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Private Tutoring for Students with Learning Challenges

We specialize in unlocking the potential of every student including those struggling with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia.

Private Tutoring To Overcome Learning Challenges

Why Choose 3D Learning Experts?

Choosing the right support for your child’s educational needs is crucial. Our mission is to empower students to succeed academically and build confidence through customized, multi-sensory approaches that make learning accessible and enjoyable.

We specialize in providing personalized online tutoring for students nationwide, focusing on overcoming learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, and other challenges. 

Reading & Spelling Tutoring

Our Reading & Spelling Tutoring is designed to help students overcome challenges related to Dyslexia and other reading difficulties. Our scientifically proven methodology enhances language-based learning skills. We employ Orton-Gillingham-based techniques, delivered by tutors specially trained in the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

Multisensory Math Tutoring

Our Multi-Sensory Math Tutoring addresses the unique needs of students with Dyscalculia and other math-related learning challenges. We employ a hands-on approach to teaching math, using concrete concepts that students can readily grasp. We employ a hands-on approach to teaching math by utilizing multi-sensory techniques.

Writing & Notetaking Tutoring

We use a step-by-step approach to teach effective notetaking and essay writing skills, which are essential building blocks for successful learning. Our methods help students master notetaking while developing a flexible writing style and structure - a skill set equips students with valuable tools that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Homeschool Consulting

Book a one-on-one homeschool coaching session to establish a personalized game plan for your child’s education. Develop a customized schedule for the semester or school year, and gain insights into the most effective tools and strategies to enhance your child’s academic performance. Feel empowered to begin or continue the homeschool journey.

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Help your child avoid "summer slip" and prevent them from losing the progress they made during the school year. Now enrolling for summer!

Inspired & Empowered Through

Out-Of-The-Box Learning

For over a decade, 3D Learning Experts (3DLE) has been dedicated to transforming the lives of students who face challenges in reading and spelling, writing and notetaking, or math. Our passion lies in helping these learners catch up and excel in their studies.

Our mission is to empower students through online education. We use multi-sensory techniques to foster academic success, boost self-confidence, and enhance overall well-being. 

By providing comprehensive social-emotional and academic support, we help students thrive both in and out of the classroom.

  • Is your child struggling in reading, spelling, writing or math at school?
  • Does your child mix up the sounds in words that are similar, like confident and continent?
  • Does math feel like a foreign language to your child?
  • Are you worried about your child falling behind in school?
  • Does your child study for hours on end for spelling test and then forget all the spelling words the following week?

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Effective & Flexible

Private Tutoring Is Ideal

Online tutoring is a great way to help students with learning challenges. It offers personalized lessons that move at a pace just right for each student, making learning less stressful and more enjoyable.

Being able to study from home in a comfortable environment can reduce the anxiety some students feel in traditional classrooms. Plus, the use of fun multimedia tools and interactive techniques can make learning easier and more engaging.

  1. Convenience: Say goodbye to commuting and scheduling conflicts. Learn from home, on your own schedule.
  2. Personalized Attention: Our tutors provide tailored instruction focused on your child’s unique needs.
  3. Safe Environment: With our secure online tutoring platform, safety and privacy are ensured.
  4. Accessibility: Break down geographical barriers with our virtual classrooms, accessible from anywhere.
  5. Interactive Learning: Engage your child with fun and effective multimedia resources.
  6. Flexible Scheduling: Fit sessions into your busy schedule with ease

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Charter funds in California are like having your own magic ticket for learning adventures, including private tutoring! It’s like having a special pot of money just for you to use for getting extra help with your studies from awesome online tutors.

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