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The Learning Disabilities Podcast is designed to provide valuable insights, expert interviews, and practical advice to support students, parents, and educators in their educational journey. In each episode, we delve into a variety of topics that matter most to our community.
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Dr. Sarah Cheyette
Is ADHD Hereditary? This is How ADHD Affects Parents and Kids

Dr. Sarah Cheyette, Pediatric Neurologist

April Rehrig
Advocating for Your Child in an IEP Meeting

April Rehrig, IEP Trainer & Special Ed Advocate

Dr. Karen Wilson
Private Neuropsychological Evaluation vs In-School Evaluation

Dr. Karen Wilson, Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Founder of CHILDNexus

The Success Story of Doctor Dyslexia Dude

Dr. Shawn Robinson, Dr. Dyslexia Dude

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