Do People with Dyslexia Have Bad Memory?

It’s time to unfold the truth. Dyslexic people are not absent-minded. As a person with Dyslexia, I can say that our memory is not as fine-tuned as non-dyslexic people. So, very often, it’s hard for us to remember multiple tasks given. That’s one of the first things I actually knew about Dyslexia before I even knew I was Dyslexic.

I was talking to another mom of a Dyslexic child, and we were comparing notes about our children. She said her daughter couldn’t do three things. She would tell her daughter to go upstairs, brush her teeth, get dressed, and come back down. But her daughter would go downstairs and ask, “Mom, what did you want me to do?” This scenario is very common among Dyslexic people. So, I actually have a wonderful solution to start helping your child remember to do multiple tasks. 

You can make them little flashcards with pictures on them, where you can also write down what each picture represents. Through these flashcards, they can start to recognize the word. One flash card can say, “Go upstairs.” Then, on another flash card, you can put “Make your bed” and have a picture of a bed, then another flashcard for “Pick up laundry,” and have a basket of laundry or clothing all over the floor. 

On the next flash card, you can have a picture of a washing machine so they will remember to “Bring down the laundry” to wash it. You can put the different cards on a ring and your learner can take the ring upstairs and flip through the ring and look at the things that you asked them to do. When they’re done doing all the tasks that you asked, they can bring the ring back downstairs to a designated place, take all the cards off the ring, and put them on the board so they can remember all of the tasks. When they’re not technically remembering the tasks, they have triggers to help them know what they’re supposed to do. Eventually, their memory will start to stretch. When we provide our brain with tools, over time our brain starts to remember how to do these things, and then it becomes easier and easier. That’s why you might find older children have a better ability to remember things than they did when they were younger. 

We have these flashcards available in our store. If you don’t want to make them yourself, you can purchase them from us at a minimal cost. You can also make it a fun project with your child. They can draw pictures, they can clip pictures out of a magazine, find pictures online like Pinterest, or just do a Google search. You can Google Search for a bed, then you’ll get a picture of a bed and you can just print it off. 

This is my advice for how to work with memory lapses among people with Dyslexia, especially children. Please remember that no Dyslexic learner wants to disappoint their parents or teachers. They just don’t know how to do it any other way and they don’t even know what they’re doing sometimes so they can’t fix the problem.
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