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Summer offers an opportunity for struggling students to make academic advancements without the pressure of daily schoolwork.

Your child will benefit from research based, systematic, multisensory approaches to teach them information in ways they will remember.

Research shows that the more intense the treatment, the better the outcome. The calm of summer is a great time to catch up, with fewer distractions.
Our dedicated, patient and understanding tutors will work with your child to assure that they are learning and absorbing the skills they are being taught during their private tutoring session, online.

Receive 1-1 Tutoring Online

Get private tutoring for your child, age 7 and up, who struggles with reading, spelling, writing or math due to Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia or similar learning differences.

  • Reading & Spelling: We provide specific targeted instruction and support using Orton-Gillingham instruction that teaches our students rules and tricks that make reading and spelling easier.
  • Writing: We use multi-sensory techniques to teach note taking and develop a writing style and structure that they will utilize for the rest of their lives.
  • Math: We teach multi-sensory math using concrete concepts our students understand and hands on instruction perfect for our outside the box learners. We start at the point our student needs help and focus on closing up the gaps they have from previous math instruction.

If your child is struggling, schedule a call so you can learn how WE CAN HELP!

3D Learning Experts is a specialized online tutoring program for students struggling in school because they are OUT OF THE BOX learners, not fitting into the traditional classroom method.

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